Stephen Colbert Flusters Stacey Abrams By Reading Her Own Romantic Fiction


Stephen Colbert surprised Stacey Abrams by reading a steamy excerpt from one of her romance novels on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

First, Colbert offered Abrams a selection of cue cards and asked her to choose which excerpt he should read.

“God no, I don’t want you to read any of these,” said the Democratic former Georgia gubernatorial nominee, who previously penned romance novels under the pseudonym Selena Montgomery.

“I want people to read them in the quiet of their home,” Abrams said. She later asked: “Can I leave now?”

Colbert then read a short, steamy passage from her 2009 book Reckless. After the audience “oohed,” he held up her new book about leadership ― titled Lead From the Outside ― and asked, “Is there any of that in here? Because then I understand why it would be a bestseller.”

Abrams also revealed in the interview how she had “no news” to announce regarding a potential run for president in 2020.

Check out the clip here:


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