Meghan McCain Unironically Calls Out Lori Loughlin’s White Privilege


Actress Lori Loughlin turned her court appearance on Wednesday into sort of a meet-and-greet for her fans, and Meghan McCain torched her for it.

On Friday, the co-host of “The View” railed against the former “Full House” star, who is accused of paying $500,000 so her daughters could fraudulently gain admission to USC by posing as crew recruits.

McCain said she saw Loughlin as a symbol of a bigger issue.

“Part of the problem is, she’s become the face of everything, culturally, we hate about white privilege,” McCain said. “‘I can buy my kids’ way into college, I can spend $500,000.’”

McCain said she thought Loughlin behaved strangely at her court appearance and was irritated by her choice of transportation.

“As someone who loves a party bus, she arrived to court in a party bus with her lawyers,” McCain said. “I thought that was weird. Then she’s getting out and waving and smiling. It’s like, you did a heinous crime. We don’t know the ramifications, and you’re acting like it’s a red carpet.”

“It’s amazing and so far off from the seriousness of this case, and I think it offended so many people.”

You can watch the segment here: 

McCain wasn’t alone in finding Loughlin’s behavior distasteful, but she may also have a personal reason for taking umbrage at it.

Court documents from the school bribery scandal reveal that the actress’ husband, Mossimo Giannulli, was adamant that their daughters not go to Arizona State University, which just happens to be home of the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

“I’m very proud to have my family’s name attached to ASU,” Meghan said on “The View” earlier this month. “It’s an incredible, incredible, incredible college, and Aunt Becky’s husband — whoever the hell you are — I had no idea who you were until yesterday, sorry. Your kid probably wouldn’t have been good enough to have even gotten into ASU, OK?”

Still, the fact that McCain was pointing out someone else’s white privilege didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users. She has long defended herself against the assumption that her career benefited from her being Sen. John McCain’s daughter, and she came across as clueless on the subject of legacy admissions while recently discussing her family’s history at the Naval Academy.


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